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Wishard Chapel Church is one of the oldest churches in Ringgold County, Iowa.

It was a Methodist church until 2011 when it officially closed

and was re-organized, as a non-denominational church.

Rev. Tom Rutan led the congregation through this period of time.

On October 12, 2012, Pastor Bill & Sandy Armstrong assumed the pastor roles.

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Bill Lent2020.JPG

We are here to help establish and strengthen the relationship that people have with Jesus Christ. We are a bible-based house of worship believing  the Word of God to be true and life changing.


We gather as a body of Christ and worship our Lord through songs of praise and hearing the Word of God preached freely and unrestricted. We welcome the Holy Spirit to open our ears and eyes; making our hearts fertile to receive all that He has willed us to receive.


Our community extends far beyond Mount Ayr and Ringgold County. We are the hands and feet of Jesus by supporting area ministries and food banks. We believe that God calls us to give and we joyfully support Missionaries locally and around the world.

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